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Friday, October 26, 2012

Eagle Forum PAC 2012 Missouri Endorsements

Eagle Forum PAC endorses only conservative, pro-family, pro-life candidates. The following candidates for State office need your help and your vote. 
November 6th will be recorded in history. Missourians must show up in great numbers to draw a line in the sand: Enough is enough.

Help ensure that Missouri will remain a conservative, pro-family, pro-life state for generations to come.

Eagle Forum PAC proudly endorses:

U.S. Senate – Todd Akin for his courageous pro-family, pro-life voting record. During his tenure in the Missouri Legislature and in Congress, Todd Akin always stands up for the Constitution, God, and Country.

Governor – Dave Spence for his sacrifice and courage in attempting to give Missourians a governor who will lead us on the right path. Dave Spence praised the religious liberty bill vetoed by Governor Nixon and he called on Governor Nixon to strike his Executive Order guaranteeing special hiring rights based on self-proclaimed “sexual orientation.”

Lt. Governor – Peter Kinder for standing up for life and religious liberty. He is a leader in the fight against ObamaCare and the sponsor of Missouri's ban on Partial-Birth Abortion.

Attorney General – Ed Martin for his dedication to the pro-life cause as a former director of the Americans United for Life's Center for Rights of Conscience. As an attorney, Ed took on Governor Rod Blagojevich and won when the Governor violated the Illinois Rights of Conscience Act by attempting to force Illinois pharmacists to dispense contraception and abortion-inducing drugs.

Secretary of State – Shane Schoeller for supporting a voter ID requirement to stop vote fraud. Shane Schoeller supported pro-family, pro-life legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives, including the religious liberty bill to protect citizens from being forced to pay for insurance coverage for abortion. 

Circuit Judge  Judge Robert Dierker is seeking retention as a circuit judge of the 22nd Judicial Circuit (City of St. Louis). Judge Dierker is the author of an important book, The Tyranny of Tolerance, which was praised by Phyllis Schlafly. Judge Dierker should be retained in office.

Missouri’s Four Statewide Ballot Questions

  • Constitutional Amendment 3Accountability for Nonpartisan Judges – Vote YES
  • Proposition AChanging Control of the St. Louis Police Department – Vote NO
  • Proposition BMassive 670%+ Tax Increase on All Tobacco Products – Vote NO
  • Proposition ELimits to Creating ObamaCare Healthcare Exchanges – Vote YES

Constitutional Amendment 3 – Vote YES   (Proposed by the General Assembly, SJR 51)
Eagle Forum recommends a “yes” vote. The current “nonpartisan” judicial selection process is broken. Lawyers have successfully placed a succession of liberal judges on the bench. Constitutional Amendment 3 will make important changes to the appointment process to allow non-supremacist nominees to be considered for appointment.

Proposition A – Vote NO  (Proposed by a citizen’s initiative petition.)  
Eagle Forum recommends a NO vote. The current management of the St. Louis Police Department is inadequate; however, transferring oversight to a city that is known for corruption and favoritism will not improve the St. Louis Police Department.

Proposition B – Vote “NO”   (Proposed by a citizen’s initiative petition.)  
Eagle Forum recommends a NO vote. This is a huge “sin tax” increase on tobacco products. The effectiveness of “sin taxes” to deter undesirable behavior is debatable, and they do not help government budgets. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, only 16 of 57 state excise tax increases between 2003 and 2007 met or exceeded revenue projections.

Proposition E – Vote YES   (Proposed by the General Assembly SB 464)
Eagle Forum recommends a YES vote. Proposition E requires a vote of the people or the elected members of the State House and Senate before the governor (or his agencies) can implement ObamaCare.  More than 70% of Missourians voted to approve the Missouri Healthcare Freedom Act (Prop. C) to block the federal government from requiring people to buy health insurance and banned punishment for those without health insurance.

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