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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Parents might learn about their daughters

Under ObamaCare, a 25-year-old woman can get health insurance under her parents' policy, get coverage for free birth control pills, and not even pay a co-payment. A girl needs to have an active sex life, and generic birth control pills cost about $10 per month. So what complaint could she have? According to this NPR radio story, there is still a problem:
In fact, only 68 percent of teenagers and 76 percent of young adults with private insurance used it to get contraceptive services, "likely at least in part because of confidentiality concerns," according to a Guttmacher Institute analysis of data from the National Survey of Family Growth.

In contrast, 90 percent of women over 30 used their insurance coverage to pay for such services.

Young women concerned about their parents' reaction may shell out for their preferred pills, perhaps switching to cheaper generics to save money.
That's right. If a girl depends on her parents to pay for her health insurance policy to buy birth control pills, there is a chance that those parents might find out what they are paying for. You can expect the Obama administration to issue regulations forbidding those "explanation of benefit" statements that inform the parents.

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