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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Single voters favor Obama

Steve Sailer and other bloggers are posting this polling data:
Married men: for Romney by 54-35, Romney's margin 19.
Married women: for Romney, 49-42, Romney's margin 7.
Single men: for Obama, 47-38, Obama's margin 9.
Single women: for Obama, 60-31, Obama's margin 29.
Some of these differences are sharper if you factor out ethnic groups. More and more, votes are predictable by demographics.

I argued below that this election may not be determined by the undecided swing voters, but rather the demographics of who votes.

If Obama is re-elected, then the Democrats will have an incentive to pass laws and policies that favor the demographics that keep them in office. In particular, they will expand their anti-marriage laws and policies.

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