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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vote for fairness

NYU professor Jonathan Haidt writes in Times magazine:
Both candidates are essentially saying, Vote for me because the other side destroyed a fair America in which hard work paid off. Vote for me because I’ll restore fairness and the American Dream. But if we dig a little deeper into what the two sides mean by fairness, the similarities melt away.

I’m a social psychologist. I study the moral foundations of politics. ... We all agree that the other side is to blame and that tax policy can be used to restore basic fairness and revive the dream. We just can’t agree on what fairness means.
We do not just disagree about what fairness means. Haidt (who is not a conservative) explains research that shows that liberals have only a kindergarten-level view of fairness, and do not understand conservatism.

In the VP debate, Paul Ryan repeated:
But when it comes to speaking up for our values, we should not apologize for those.
Do not expect the leftist Obama supporters to even understand what he was talking about. They are planning a Million Muppet March on Washington DC, with a goal for “probably the most ever puppets marching on Washington.”

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