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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Welfare incentive not to marry

A reader comments:
I am a Physician Assitant who works in a pediatric office. I am repeatedly appalled at the morality of the parents of the young children that I treat. Most are not married but have chosen to have many children. The father has a good job with health insurance and the mother/child is on Medicaid. They ask that child's Medicaid be charged for their child's heathcare so that they do not have to pay father's insurance co-pays. They see this as a benefit to staying unmarried. Children see that the value placed on money takes precedence over the institute of marriage. This is so sad. When I discuss this with others, many laugh and say that they are glad the little guy has found a way to cheat the system like our government cheats us. How can we ever restore this broken system?
This is just one example of how govt welfare incentives are contrary to marriage. There are many other such incentives. Marriage will continue to decline until there is a will to abolish such incentives. But the Democrats will not do that, as they are used to getting votes from single moms on medicaid.

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