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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who's Carrying on a War Against Women?

One of the most ridiculous accusations to surface in the current presidential campaign is the Democrats' argument that Republicans are waging a War Against Women. If the Democrats want to be really helpful to women, I suggest that they take a strong stand against the anti-women practices of the Muslims. The following list was compiled by William Federer, a historian who is the author of an important book called "What Every American Needs to Know About the Quran; A History of Islam."

If we really want to protect the most oppressed women in the world, we should say that we oppose wife-beating and allowing a man to be physically abusive to his wife, forced marriages (that means forcing a woman to marry someone she does not want to marry), sex trafficking, allowing a man to marry a girl under the age of consent, not allowing a women to leave her home unless she is accompanied by a male relative, allowing only a man to divorce his wife, but not allowing a woman to divorce her husband, denying a divorced woman from seeing or visiting her children, sex slavery, polygamy, allotting a woman only half the inheritance of a man, allowing a man to kill his daughter who dates or marries a non-Muslim, female genital mutilation, beheading, amputation or disfigurement as punishment for a crime, whipping or stoning a woman who has been a victim of rape instead of punishing the rapist, holding that men have a superior status before the law than women, committing violence against a women who is seen in public not wearing the prescribed garments.

There are some people who want our courts to recognize the validity of Muslim laws when dealing with Muslims. That should never be allowed because it is contrary to our United States Constitution to which all judges must take an oath to support.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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