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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parents Fight Back Against Common Core

At a recent education conference I attended, I heard a Mom from Indiana describe her battle against Obama's Common Core education standards that are trying to be implemented nationwide. Her child happened to attend one of the first schools in the country to use textbooks created to teach this new national curriculum. Most Americans have no idea that the President circumvented the legal and constitutional prohibitions and is trying to impose a national school curriculum on the states. This mom's son came home from school one day with a "fuzzy math" problem. The question was, if one bridge is 790 feet, and the other is 730 feet, which bridge is longer? This kid replied accurately that the 790 foot bridge is longer because 790 is greater than 730. The kid was told he was not correct because he had not arrived at the answer through the torturous path required by the text. The Mom was furious and quickly educated herself about this new curriculum called Common Core, which some people are calling Obama Core.

This is a system which really dumbs down standards in a misguided effort to "level the playing field." And it's making it tougher for parents to help their kids with homework because this kind of incident simply doesn't make sense. This Mom is so indignant about what is happening that she has successfully galvanized Indiana's tea party groups into fighting the Common Core. This is a taste of what's going to happen across the country once this new national school curriculum appears all over the country.

It's amazing the way some people think that education will be improved if the federal government bureaucrats take over. We would all be better off if schools were permitted to try different curricula and parents were permitted to choose the best school for their children.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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