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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Propagating 'Social Justice' in K-12

The progressives are so clever in re defining words. For example, they have made the term "social justice" mean that the United States is a culturally and economically oppressive nation in dire need of radical transformation and the redistribution of wealth by government action. A leading advocate of this false notion is Barack Obama's friend, University of Illinois education professor Bill Ayers. Many schools of education teach the teachers social-justice advocacy.

For example, the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers an entire "Social Justice Education Concentration," complete with numerous required courses and instructions for implementing social-justice initiatives in schools starting with kindergarten. One course is an exercise in "self awareness" so that students can ponder their own group identity and analyze "multiple forms of oppression." Another course requires students to attend a series of weekend seminars, each of which discusses so-called "social oppression," such as "sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and classism." Another course, entitled "Social Justice in Schools," is designed "to guide students in implementing, evaluating, and reflecting upon social justice education initiatives in elementary and secondary schools."

Take another college. California "Fresno State" offers a Master of Arts in Teaching that is heavily focused on social justice, multiculturalism, and action research. That means teaching teachers to implement an agenda of radical social transformation. Among other objectives of the courses are: students learning to persuade each other and members of the community about tenets of social-justice multiculturalism; preparing to conduct their action research by "exploring various aspects of the movement in education where teacher-practitioners are viewed as researchers of their own practice and where teaching is viewed as a form of educational inquiry." Clearly, social-justice courses are intended to send graduates into classrooms to be agents of radical social change rather than as teachers of basic knowledge and upholders of values parents would like their children to hold dear.

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