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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Obama fringe

Steve Sailer explains that the marriage gap is much bigger than the gender gap, and shows what groups are supporting Obama and Romney.

He also writes about other demographiccs that have come to divide the parties:
Well, you’re not supposed to say this in public, but the GOP traditionally gets most of its votes from people who more or less have their acts together, while the Democrats appeal most strongly to the various resentful fringes of society.

The prototypical Romney voter might be the loser’s wife, Ann Romney: married for 43 years so far, with five children and 18 grandchildren.

The prototypical Obama voter? Hard to beat the President’s late mother, Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, impregnated at 17 by a passing African polygamist, briefly and bigamously married to him, then married for a while to an Indonesian. She finally died single and without her peeved son bothering to visit her. (I’m pretty sure this will not happen to Ann Romney.)
He has more data to support his "basic theory that voting Republican rather than Democratic correlates with belonging to the core rather than to the fringes of American life."

Much has been said about what Republicans can do to attract the Hispanic vote. Patrick J. Buchanan writes:
Let us consider only native-born Hispanics, U.S. citizens.

According to Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, which analyzed Census Bureau statistics from 2012:

—More than one in five Hispanic citizens lives in poverty.
—One in four Hispanic-American men 25 to 55 is out of work.
—More than half of all Hispanic women 25-55 are unmarried.
—Half of all Hispanic households with children are headed by an unmarried woman, and 55 percent depend on welfare programs.

These numbers do not improve with time, as they did with the Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish and German immigrants who poured into the United States between 1890 and 1920. Third-generation Hispanics do worse than second-generation Hispanics in all the above categories.

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