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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Asians voted for Obama

The recent election showed that demographics account for much of the support for the Democrats, including unassimilating immigrants and singles.

Charles Murray writes:
I can understand why people think Latinos are natural conservatives. Just about every Latino with whom I come in contact is hard-working and competent. I don’t get into discussions with them about their families and religion, but they sure look like go-getting, family-values Americans to me. But note the caveat: “with whom I come in contact.”
He gives data to show that Latinos are not conservative, and not likely to vote Republican.

He then tries to explain why Asians are voting Democrat:
Usually, Asians came to the United States for the traditional reason: America was the land of opportunity where they could rise in the world. Asian immigrants overwhelmingly succeeded, another experience that tends to produce conservative immigrants. Beyond that, Asian minorities everywhere in the world, including America, tend to be underrepresented in politics — they’re more interested in getting ahead commercially or in non-political professions than in running for office or organizing advocacy groups. Lack of interest in politics ordinarily translates into a “just don’t bother us” attitude that trends conservative.

Further, there are reasons for Asian Americans not to like Democrats. Asians who became successful because everyone in the family worked two or three jobs (a common strategy behind Asian success) are likely to be offended by the liberal “You didn’t build that” mentality. Unlike every other minority group, Asians owe nothing to the Democrats for affirmative action. On the contrary, Asians are penalized by affirmative action, especially in the universities, where discrimination against Asian applicants (relative to their superb academic qualifications) has been documented in the technical literature.

And yet something has happened to define conservatism in the minds of Asians as deeply unattractive, despite all the reasons that should naturally lead them to vote for a party that is identified with liberty, opportunity to get ahead, and economic growth.
Murray has his own theory, but it is unconvincing. Much of his Asian profile could be applied to Jews, and they have voted overwhelmingly Democrat for decades. That does not appear to be driven from core religious beliefs, as the New York Orthodox Jews voted 90% for Mitt Romney.

Republicans need to appeal to all these groups, but first we need some better research on why Latinos, Asians, and Jews are voting Democrat in the first place. Steve Sailer gives a couple of theories, and says, "Obama basically ran a campaign of anti-white male dogwhistling."

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