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Monday, December 03, 2012

Beware of the Lame Duck Session

The upcoming Lame Duck session of Congress is a dangerous time when Members of Congress who are already defeated have the opportunity to vote without concern for voter approval. The globalists have been plotting to use this Lame Duck session to achieve some of their internationalist goals that they couldn't get passed during the last four years. They would like to lock us into treaties that slice out various parts of our national sovereignty.

For example, the globalists could make a treaty push for ratification of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The gun-control advocates hope they can achieve their goal of prohibiting private ownership of guns by ratifying this treaty with vague language. Supposedly, this treaty is merely to regulate government-to-government weapons transfers and direct sales by manufacturers to governments. Its danger to our Second Amendment is its innocuous treaty language that can impact on the ownership of guns by individuals.

Another plan to ratify an anti-sovereignty treaty and put us under unwelcome global regulations is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We don't need a treaty that sets up UN busybodies to assure benefits and protections for persons with disabilities. We already deal with these problems better than any other nation by our numerous disabilities laws.

The globalists also desperately want us to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty, which was a bad idea when Ronald Reagan rejected it in 1981, and which has soured rather than ripened in its years of languishing in the Senate. This treaty cedes sovereign control over practically all the riches at the bottom of the world's oceans to an International Seabed Authority. U.S. access to the high seas, as well as freedom of the seas for all countries, is best protected by a superior U.S. Navy, not by a UN bureaucracy.

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