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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Homeschoolers Are Happier

It used to be that homeschoolers were looked down upon in regard to academic achievement and social skills. NO more. Now that there are about two million homeschoolers, the results are all positive and colleges are happy to enroll them.

I just discovered a peer-reviewed study titled "The Impact of Homeschooling on the Adjustment of College Students" by a couple of sociology professors who compared the self-esteem and depression of homeschooled college students with conventionally-schooled college students. The survey concluded that homeschoolers "do not exhibit any significant differences in self-esteem, and they experience significantly lower levels of depression than those with no homeschooling." The authors report that the homeschoolers "have achieved greater academic success and ... rate their college experience more positively" than kids who came from traditional high schools. The authors also report that homeschoolers' support of family relationships is stronger and more defined.

The professors who made this study conducted their research by asking 29 questions to more than 1,500 students who were 18 years of age or older who had homeschooling in their backgrounds. The professors used a comparison group of college students without homeschool backgrounds who were attending a four-year public university.

This study is not a complete answer to these questions, of course, but it is encouraging to have a study that produced these findings that are consistent with the current body of homeschooling research. This study should warm the hearts of homeschooling parents. In any event, I believe you will no longer find any resistance in to homeschoolers in college admissions. It was no disadvantage to my granddaughter, who had been completely homeschooled. She was easily admitted to six of the nation's most elite colleges.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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