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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Non-Christians voted overwhelmingly Democrat

NPR radio reports:
Election analysts have hashed over the gender gap and the marriage gap. They talked about Hispanic voters and gay voters. But it was the religiously unaffiliated voters, ...

— In Ohio, Obama lost the Protestant vote by 3 points and the Catholic vote by 11, but he won the "nones" — 12 percent of the state's electorate — by 47 points.

— In Virginia, Obama lost Protestants by 9 points and Catholics by 10 points, but won 76 percent of the "nones," who were 10 percent of the electorate.

— In Florida, Obama lost Protestants by 16 points and Catholics by 5 points, but captured 72 percent of the "nones." They were 15 percent of the electorate.

Similar results were seen in states including Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.
Yes, the exit polls show that non-Christians voted overwhelmingly Democrat.

America was founded by WASPs -- White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. They had nuclear families, attended church, and believed in the Protestant work ethic. Republicans are seen as believing in traditional American values.

Democrats campaign largely by badmouthing traditional American values, and convincing various demographic groups that they are outside the Republican base, and hence better off voting Democrat. So non-whites, non-Christians, and non-marrieds vote Democrat out of group identifications. That is, they see it as being in their group interests to tear down traditional American culture.

Democrats never persuade voters based on reason or logic. They gain voters by increasing government dependence and by promoting changes to immigration policy, family law, and schools that increase the population wanting to undermine Americanism.

We used to have independent voters who decided elections by voting for who they thought were the better candidates. This election has convinced everyone that now elections are determined mainly by demographics.

Update: A reader tries to correct me by pointing out that Maryland was Catholic from 1632 to 1715. Okay, fine, but this post is about how the Democrats got voters in 2012. I am not claiming that Obama is un-American or non-Christian. But I am pointing out that he won the non-Christian vote.

Update: The SPLC has quoted this story as an example of "Hate in the Mainstream". The SPLC uses the word "hate" loosely, and apparently just copied from another leftist site. I am not sure whether the hate is the Democrat divisive campaign, or the groups voting their self-interest, or NPR reporting election analysis, or race-baiting by leftist groups, or what.


Anonymous said...

While I do understand that the radical right lives in an alternative universe, this racist rant is bizarre even for you. In fact, 78% of the voters identified themselves as "Christian." Those of us who are mainstream protestants have to wonder why you consider yourselves "Christian." "Non-whites" such as Asian-Americans and Latinos are, in fact, extremely hard-working and imbued with what you refer to as the "Protestant ethic." WASP's, by contrast, are increasingly on welfare and discarding marriage and the work ethic. More of them are on welfare than non-whites. There is virtually no evidence at all that voters this time chose their "identity" over the issues. Your nostalgia for the 50's, which were full fo racism and homophobia, are misplaced. Americans today have embraced "traditional" values like never before. If we wanted to vote "un-American," we would have voted Republican, the party of the rich, unconnected from the American people.

Roger said...

Actually there is a lot of evidence from exit polls that people voted along demographic lines, and that those lines have shifted in recent years. Just look at the above NPR report. NPR is a left-leaning news source, and does not speak for the radical right.

You are right that the voters were overwhelmingly Christian, but there were enough non-Christian voters to win the election for Obama.

You are also right that WASPs are increasingly on welfare and discarding marriage. I have posted about that also.

The rich people in the rich states like California and New York voted mostly Democrat in the last election.

If it is racist to report on exit polls, then all of the news agencies are racist.

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