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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obama will not acknowledge the fatherhood problem

Wash. Post columnist Kathleen Parker writes:
One of my great hopes for a Barack Obama administration — and thus one of my personal disappointments — was that he would use his bully pulpit to emphasize the importance of a two-parent family, and especially of fathers, to children’s well-being. ...

But the true story of fatherlessness in this country can’t be repeated often or forcefully enough.

This is not a new story.

Children who grow up without fathers tend to fall into patterns of destructive behavior — from drug use and truancy to early promiscuity, delinquency and, in too many cases, incarceration. Children raised in fatherless homes are also more likely to grow up in poverty, which is no fault of their mothers but is a fact. ... Is this the fault of the mothers? Absolutely not.
Yes, of course it is the fault of the mothers. They are having babies outside of marriage, and they are using the family court to shut the fathers out.

There is also plenty of blame for the various enablers who encourage bad female behavior, such as the Wash. Post.
Here’s another rule: You can’t solve a problem if you refuse to acknowledge it.
Parker is right about this, but she is also refusing to acknowledge the problem. We have laws, policies, and cultural changes that are destroying the American family.
Men, be men. Marry the mother of your children. Be a father to the children you sire. Go home and stay there.

No one could say these things better than Barack Obama. Perhaps in a second term ...
No, Obama is the worst. He has said that, such as here. But he and Parker have learned the wrong lesson. He was not abandoned by his father. His mother abandoned both of her husbands. Shortly after Obama junior was born, she ran off to college in Seattle.

Obama not only refuses to address the underlying problems, he campaigned on persuading women to dump their husbands and become dependent on the government instead. That was the message of The Life of Julia, his campaign video.

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