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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sex-neutral toys have become unpopular

California sociology grad student Elizabeth Sweet writes in the NY Times:
Yet every day, people encounter toy departments that are rigidly segregated — not by race, but by gender. There are pink aisles, where toys revolve around beauty and domesticity, and blue aisles filled with toys related to building, action and aggression.

Gender has always played a role in the world of toys. What’s surprising is that over the last generation, the gender segregation and stereotyping of toys have grown to unprecedented levels. We’ve made great strides toward gender equity over the past 50 years, but the world of toys looks a lot more like 1952 than 2012.
No, toys are not like 1952. Check out last week's Nonsequitur comics about a kid making fun of her grandma's hula hoop.

Steve Sailer explains how this article is nonsense from beginning to end.

Sweet concludes:
The ideas about gender roles embedded in toys and marketing reflect how little our beliefs have changed over time, even though they contradict modern reality: over 70 percent of mothers are in the labor force, and in most families domestic responsibilities are shared more equitably than ever before. In an era of increasingly diverse family structures, these ideas push us back toward a more unequal past.
I guess her professors are teaching her that putting moms in the labor force would change human nature, and that there is something wrong with kids choosing toys they like.

Sweet's real agenda is those "increasingly diverse family structures". Her real fear is that boys will be boys, girls will be girls, and we'll back to 1950s-style nuclear families.

Sailer also points to a documentary about how Norway is a feminist paradise that has more gender equality than anywhere else and where the experts say that gender is a social construct. But once given the choice, men prefer male occupations and women prefer female occupations. The videos are in Norwegian with English subtitles.

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