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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Cheers for the Cheerleaders

Three cheers for the Texas cheerleaders. High school football is a big deal in Texas, and it grew bigger when some courageous Christian cheerleaders put a Bible verse on a banner they use as players run out on the field before a game. The crowd loves it, but one anonymous spectator, with the backing of a foundation called Freedom From Religion, tried to stop this by complaining to public school officials. Remember that the famous football quarterback, Tim Tebow, while leading his state college to football national championships, put Bible citations on his face so that millions of television viewers would see them. It would be silly to suggest that that this is somehow unconstitutional. Although there is no law that prohibits cheerleaders from displaying a Bible verse at public school games, the high school superintendent forbade the banner anyway, perhaps because he was afraid of a lawsuit, which the small school could not afford to defend.

The Texas high school cheerleaders stood up against this attempt to censor them. They sued in state court with the assistance of Liberty Institute. To the disappointment of the opponents of Christianity, the judge issued an injunction against the school, prohibing it from censoring the cheerleaders' banners. This injuction is temporary, but it allows use of the Bible verses for the remainder of this football season, until the court fully considers this matter.

I hope the cheerleaders' courageous banners will mark the beginning of the end of the phony argument that so-called separation of church and state requires banning what the cheerleaders did. Meanwhile, the rest of us can say three cheers for the cheerleaders for showing their bravery.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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