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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Will We Wake Up About China Cheating?

When will Americans wake up to how Communist China is cheating us in our so-called "free trade" with them? It really is shocking the way the Communists treat Americans.

Look at the scandal of the Chinese drywall sold in many southern states, especially Florida, to be installed in private houses during the housing boom. China sold hundreds of millions of square feet of Chinese drywall, and the homeowners didn't realize how they were cheated until months later after they moved into their new house, and the drywall emitted an insufferable sulfurous smell that made people sick, caused headaches, respitory ailments, and skin and eye irritations. The drywall also caused televisions and microwaves to fail, and covered silver and copper items with black soot. The new homeowners had to move out, going to the expense of finding lodging in another house or hotel. Hundreds of lawsuits were filed in state and federal courts, but chances of getting justice from Communist Chinese manufacturers is almost impossible. After four years of litigation, they have never received a cent.

One of the most curious, and perhaps ominous investments, is Communist China's $30 million investment in charter schools in Florida. The Chinese are taking advantage of our EB-5 visa program which people who know about it call the "green card via red carpet" program. This allows foreigners to get legal residency in the U.S. so long as the million dollars they invest will help create at least 10 fulltime jobs.

Here's another way the Chinese have cheated us. Thousands of U.S. motorists found their cars were installed with dangerous Chinese counterfeit airbags. Now these counterfeit airbags have to be replaced at the owner's own expense. A government test found that some Chinese airbags don't inflate, and some shoot flames and shards of metal shrapnel instead of inflating.

I ask again, when will Americans wake up to how free trade with Communist China is cheating us?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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julie mraz said...

We do understand your issue as to "China cheating" but as two Disabled Americans Poisoned and listed as such (Diagnosis:Poisoning)through our Consumer Product Safety Commission from Contaminated American Drywall, as well as four others with the same barcode , that have been reported . Why should our American Corporations not be held responsible ? They are not, there is no legal recourse. The Chinese Drywall Companies are in litigation as mentioned in the MDL in Louisiana Court yesterday...no one wants to bring the American Companies to court. We all, Domestic Victims need help as to that issue. Senator Marco Rubio, as I write I am looking at a photo of you two on this page, is one that is standing behind what we are trying to tell the world. We need accountability as to not just Chinese Drywall but Contaminated American Drywall as well, just as with other defective American made products. Joseph and Julie Mraz Jr.

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