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Monday, December 24, 2012

Women want to teach empathy

Christy Wampole is an assistant professor of French at Princeton University, and she writes in the NY Times:
The angry white man has usurped the angry black man.

I would argue that maleness and whiteness are commodities in decline. ...

A partial solution to these toxic circumstances could be a coordinated cultivation of what might be called an empathic habit. Most people surely felt an impulsive empathy for the parents and survivors involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, as shown by the countless memorial services and candlelight vigils that took place after the murders. But empathy could help best if exercised before rather than after such tragedies. ...

For a start, feeling needed is undoubtedly essential to each individual. This fact must be addressed at home, at school, in the workplace, and in politics. For example, one could envision the development of a school curriculum that centers around an empathic practice, particularly in courses such as history, social studies, literature, and political science. If students have no access to an empathic model at home, they would at least be exposed to it in the classroom. ...

Empathy is difficult because it forces us to feel the suffering of others.
Is this what is now being taught at Princeton? I guess maleness and whiteness are commodities in decline there. A similar view comes from a retired female Episcopal priest.

These women might be pleased to learn that schools already teach empathy (details here). Furthermore, progressive intellectuals have declared that teaching empathy is the best way to advance their leftist goals.

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