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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Bad Advice About Illegal Aliens

The establishment and the media are working overtime to persuade Republicans to adopt amnesty for illegal aliens as the key to winning the Hispanic vote. That's bad advice that will do nothing for Republicans. Part of this is based on the notion that social issues will persuade Hispanics to vote Republican because they are Christian and pro-family. That argument is not supported by the facts. The Hispanic illegitimacy birth rate is 53%, about twice that of whites, and a Pew Research Center poll reports that the majority of Hispanics support gay marriage.

Let's look at Latino views on economic issues. An American National Elections Study asked a question about free market vs. government solutions. Only 17.9 of Hispanics responded "the less government the better," and 83.3% said that strong government involvement is required to handle economic problems.

Policymakers should read the studies by Cuban exile scholar Jose Azel that probe into Hispanic attitudes and history. He concludes that the sociopolitical heritage from Spain plus the post-colonial experience of Latin America have led Latinos to view government very differently from the principles of limited government enunciated and adopted by our Founding Fathers.

Then there is the matter of assimilation in the American identity. Yes, the Irish and Italians assimilated into the American culture very well, but assimilation of the Irish and Italians absolutely depended on stopping the entry of more new foreigners, which the United States did in the 1920s. That's the bottom line of what we must do today; close our borders to illegal entry. Since we haven't done that, there isn't any real evidence of Mexican assimilation similar to the Irish and Italian assimilation.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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U.S. Citizen said...

From what I understand, wouldn't the "socio-political" basis of Spain, and various other European countries, be based more on Roman civil law ? Laws of the U.S. (national and state) of course have their basis in English Common Law -- except I believe for the State of Louisiana which has its laws based on the Roman model as a result of its French heritage. I am not surprised that Sr. Azel should come to his conclusions about government. I have wondered about that myself and I am not an expert in law. It's common sense for anyone with even a basic education. Unfortunately basic education is often sorely lacking.

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