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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Marriage Gap, one more time

Steve Sailer reports:
From a Democratic group working to get more single women to show up to vote, Voter Participation Center, on the 2012 election:
As more data is available from the exit polling, the extent of the marriage gap – the differences in candidate choice between married and unmarried women – becomes more obvious and undeniable. And as this chart make clear: the marriage gap transcends all racial, age, income, education and other distinctions. Young or old, rich or poor, white, black or Hispanic, unmarried women voted overwhelmingly in 2012 to reelect President Obama.
This is further proof that there is a Marriage Gap, and not a Gender Gap, and that the future of the Democrats depends entirely on destroying marriage.


Anonymous said...

How are you collecting your statistics/data to arrive at the Marriage Gape conclusion?
Am unmarried, yet did not vote for Obama!

Anonymous said...

(re: prior message)
Ok....reviewed Steve Sailer report...unaware of level of scrutiny of stats tracking.

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