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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Rebuilding the Conservative Movement

Last November, America went through a national election in which a man was reelected President who believes that America is not exceptional, but is an unjust and oppressive nation which he has promised to "fundamentally transform" by redistributing our wealth, both within our country and around the world. The United States is divided and polarized; about half agree with him and about half do not. Fortunately, we live in a free country in which those who do not agree with him can use their First Amendment rights to speak out, and organize politically to change the direction in which the President is trying to take us.

Some of those listening to this program will remember how we organized after previous defeats and ultimately were able to win. One of those times was when we elected Ronald Reagan. So, be of good heart; we can do it again. This time we have a great advantage! We have Eagle Forum -- an organization of dedicated pro-family, pro-life Americans who understand politics, have kept the faith for four decades, have a record of winning against great odds, and are ready to rebuild the Conservative movement.

I believe it is so important for the grassroots to be well informed about the major issues, and Eagle Forum can give you guidance. I believe in the value of study groups, where you invite a dozen of your friends and neighbors, give them a cup of coffee and a donut or cookie, and then discuss the issues confronting America. You can have one meeting on how to assure honest elections, several on the mischief of the supremacist judges, and more meetings on other topics. We have plenty of material for meetings on all sorts of different issues. Go to eagleforum.org and print out articles and chapters of my book on judges that you want your group to learn about and discuss. It is so important that grassroots Americans, like those listening to this program, be well informed on the challenges that confront America today.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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