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Friday, January 25, 2013

Reform the anti-marriage incentives

The WSJ had an op-ed proposing to encourage marriage, and published this reply:
I support Abby W. Schachter's vision in "A Proposal for Michelle Obama's Next Campaign" (op-ed, Jan. 15). It will take more than Mrs. Obama's voice to make such a change. It will require Mrs. Obama to advocate not just marriage, but also to encourage reforms to what were thought to be beneficial Great Society changes on both a federal and state level.

The laws have created perverse incentives against marriage, and they promote single motherhood and poverty. Mrs. Obama would need to advocate reforms to several laws: Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, with its financial incentives to keep dads out of the home; the well-sounding Violence Against Women's Act, which bypasses due process and has prevented many a father from contacting his child; the Bradley Amendment, which has thrown more fathers in jail and out of their kids lives for the crime of being broke; and even the tax code. On a state level, she must advocate for shared-parenting legislation to keep fathers, after separation and divorce, involved in their kids lives. Doing the aforementioned might help to bring back marriage and would be a positive benefit for kids foremost, and for all society.

Peter G. Hill
The Fatherhood Coalition
Weston, Mass.
He is exactly correct. The way to encourage marriage is to repeal all the laws with anti-marriage and anti-father incentives.

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