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Friday, January 25, 2013

The United Nations and Human Rights

The people who believe in world government, which they sometimes call global governance, are always trying to advance their cause by getting the United States to give the United Nations more money and accept UN supervision over our actions. To evaluate what the United Nations is all about, let's look at one UN agency called the Human Rights Council. The UN used to have an organization called the Human Rights Commission, but for many years it was actively destructive of human rights by giving diplomatic cover to some of the worst tyrants in the world. Finally, the UN replaced this outfit with a body called the United Nations Human Rights Council and held an election for its membership this past November. Well, surprise, surprise, the UN elected seven countries with particularly outrageous human rights records to serve as members of this Council.

One of the seven elected was Venezuela, whose Communist dictator Hugo Chavez is continually engaged in human rights violations. Venezuelans suffer arrest, incarceration, terrible prison conditions, and criminal prosecution of individuals who criticize the government. Press freedom is under assault. Criticism of public officials is a criminal offense. Dictator Hugo Chavez has repeatedly endorsed some of the world's top human rights violators: Vladimir Putin of Russia, Fidel Castro of Cuba. Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, and Muammar al-Quaddafi of Libya. What could we expect? This should be no surprise: Hugo Chavez is a Communist.

Other countries elected to the UN Human Rights Council, such as Pakistan and Kazakhstan, are about as bad as Venezuela. It is just plain ridiculous to expect this UN Council to have any positive effect on human rights. The whole idea is a farce. The UN is worthless when it comes to respecting human rights, and I just hope that America is not paying the bills for the so-called UN Human Rights Council.

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