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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Early Voting Is Unfair to Voters

When we talk about reforming our voting process in the United States, we should start with making sure that only U.S. citizens are permitted to vote. The best way to do that is for every state to do what about eight states have already done, namely, pass a law that requires everybody showing up to vote to present Voter-ID so that only U.S. citizens are allowed to vote. Another constructive reform would be to assure that ballots from our armed forces abroad arrive in time and are really counted.

However, the liberals and progressives are pushing hard to expand allowing people to vote before Election Day, and that is a very bad idea. Early voting is unfair for many reasons. Early voting prevents voters from changing their minds up until Election Day. Early voting encourages uninformed voting because last year many voted before the presidential debates were held. Early voting is unfair because it makes campaigns more expensive by lengthening the campaign period and calling for more advertising.

Contrary to liberal propaganda, early voting decreases overall voter turnout. Early voting harms third party candidates who lack a political organization to get out early voters. Early voting is a misnomer. More accurate names would be premature voting, uninformed voting, or political machine voting. Early voting even violates federal law, which for more than a century has required national elections to occur on the same day.

Early voting disenfranchises Election Day voters by determining the outcome before Election Day. What if jurors were allowed to decide they are tired of a lengthy trial and want to convict a defendant mid-way through the trial and go home? Isn't it just as important for voters to hear all the facts about candidates before voting?

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What is the actual federal law that early voting violates?

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