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Friday, February 22, 2013

George Washington and Civic Virtue

Today is the real birthday of George Washington and it's important to remind ourselves of his many sterling personal qualities that made him, in truth, The Father of Our Country. Washington was not only "first in war" and "first in peace," but he was also "first in the hearts of his countrymen." One of the major reasons for this was that he was a man of tremendous personal integrity and civic virtue.

I thought about this aspect of Washington's character recently when I was interviewing a Stanford University professor named Bill Damon on my Saturday Radio Live program. Professor Damon has a new book called Failing Liberty 101, and it describes how We Are Leaving Young Americans Unprepared for Citizenship in a Free Society. Professor Damon says schoolchildren today are more likely to be taught to be "world citizens" than patriotic Americans. He says it is incredibly important to teach civic and moral education as education priorities if we want America to remain a nation of freedom and liberty. If we don't, future Americans won't have the understanding or the character they need to maintain the liberty we inherited from our nation's founders.

For many generations after our nation's founding, children ere taught moral character and civic responsibility, virtues that were part of the George Washington's person and personality that we admire so much. For many decades, a photograph of George Washington hung on the wall of every public school classroom, but somehow in the age of Political Correctness, these pictures disappeared. Ask your local school to hang up a picture of George Washington not only because he led us to victory in the American Revolution, not only because he was elected our first President, but because we admire him as a man of virtue, honor, patriotism, and civic responsibility.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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