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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Ignoring big social changes

Lobbyist Eli Lehrer writes:
When, in the late 1970s, the momentum behind the proposed Equal Rights Amendment seemed unstoppable, a group of "new right" activists led by conservative populist Phyllis Schlafly offered dark warnings about it. The ERA, they said, would usher in a society where government-supported single-sex environments were illegal, gay marriage common, gays accepted in all social roles, unmarried men and women able to live together without approbation, premarital pregnancy (even for the children of conservative politicians) a fact of life, and women served in combat. The ERA, of course, failed. But with females now gaining access to the (almost) full range of combat roles in the military and the Boy Scouts making noises (and postponements) related to admitting gay people to leadership roles, every "dark" fantasy of the ERA's opponents has become a reality. ...

Society is going to continue to change in any number of ways. Within a decade or two, opposition to civil gay marriage will almost certainly be considered an anachronism and few parents will give second thoughts to a son or daughter dating a member of the same-sex. But this isn't a big deal. In fact, the most important social trend going on right now is probably one that most of us haven't even noticed yet.
Really? Few parents will give second thoughts?

Regardless, there are indeed social changes that go far beyond the 1% or so of the population with an interest in same-sex marriage. A long list of laws, social policies, and customs are destroying the family, and the effects will be wide-ranging.

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