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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Election Fraud Myth or Reality?

The Democrats' party line is that voter fraud is a myth, but that illusion was dispelled within the last few months by two stunning cases of election fraud committed by prominent Democratic incumbents. Let me tell you about them.

One of these cases involved an Arkansas state legislator, Rep. Hudson Hallum. He bribed voters with money and food to cast absentee ballots for him. The legislator obtained and distributed the ballots to those voters, and then collected then in unsealed envelopes. If the ballots were marked for Hallum's opponent, Hallum just pitched the ballots. After this was discovered, Hallum pled guilty to election fraud.

The other case involved a prominent Democratic Congressman, U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, who has been in office for 22 years representing Virginia's Washington suburbs. Moran's son, who was also the field director for Moran's reelection campaign, was filmed by videographer James O'Keefe as Moran was advising an undercover reporter how to bypass Virginia's Voter-ID law. The method was exquisitely ingenious: it called for creating fake utility bills on the internet to substitute for Voter-ID.

Absentee voting provides another big opportunity for election fraud because it deprives many voters of our precious secret ballot. We are rapidly losing our right to vote a secret ballot for our elected representatives. Mail-in ballots are subject to the same problem. Most of them are probably not secret but are cast without traditional safeguards of secrecy and freedom from coercion, and you don't know who is looking at your ballot before it is dropped in the ballot box.

Obama's margin of victory was only a few hundred thousand votes in the four swing states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire. That was far less than the number of mailed-in ballots cast.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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