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Monday, February 25, 2013

What Is Eagle Forum?

Some of our listeners have asked me to explain the mission of Eagle Forum, the organization that brings you these daily commentaries. Eagle Forum is a unique organization run by volunteers (including yours truly). No other organization has such a long record of leading on important conservative goals. We've taken on issues that others said were impossible to win -- and we won! Eagle Forum has dedicated, experienced volunteer leaders in nearly every state with years of political experience. We are proud of our many victories, starting with defeating the Equal Rights Amendment, and educating Americans about ObamaCare, and stopping ratification of dangerous UN treaties.

Every year we have a national conference called Eagle Council, and you are welcome to attend. Every year we sponsor a special training conference in Washington, DC for college students, where they can meet some of our conservative Congressmen. And our Washington, DC office staff keeps our members posted on pending legislation and votes.

In addition to this Radio series you are listening to now, we have a Saturday live, call-in program, to interview a distinguished guest each week. My monthly newsletter, The Phyllis Schlafly Report, is now in its 46th year, and I invite you to subscribe in order to stay up to date of current issues. Our Education Reporter continues to expose the radical policies of the teachers unions and provide news about public school curriculum. Our work in education will be more important than ever during the second Obama Administration. Eagle Forum Education Center in St. Louis is a major research center for the conservative movement, and you are invited to visit us anytime.

And, I invite you to check in with Eagle Forum's outstanding website, www.eagleforum.org, to keep up to date on all our activities and information.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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