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Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Brother's Smart Meters

All over the United States, utility companies are installing Smart Meters in American homes. We are told that this is merely an upgrade of our utility systems. But people are beginning to believe that the reality is more devious and that smart meters are dangerous and costly to citizens. A new book called Just Say No To Big Brother's Smart Meters by Orlean Koehle explains some of the health and privacy reasons to refuse to accept a smart meter being installed at your home. Smart meters are digital and wireless meters used to remotely read and control energy use. They replace the familiar analog meter,which is checked monthly by a meter reader. In other words, the smart meter is not merely recording your uses of energy so the utility can send you your monthly bill. The new technology provides "continuous two-way communication between the utility company and their consumer's property." We don't know all the plans that Big Brother Government has for using this two-way communication between your household appliances and some bureaucrat watching and may want to control your use of your household energy. We know there are people who believe that Americans use too much energy, and they want us to reduce our use of energy. There is some speculation that these smart meters would be able to cut off the use of our own appliances, such as our heat or air conditioning, in order to balance out our use of energy with the rest of the world. We would like to know what are the plans for smart meters that are being developed by the utility companies and by our government.

A lot of people in the Obama Administration and in the UN conferences want to drastically reduce U.S. use of energy. Sometimes they argue that we must reduce our energy use to combat global warming, and sometimes they just argue that it isn't fair for the United States to be able to afford to heat our homes in the winter and cool our homes in the summer.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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