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Monday, March 18, 2013

Canada redefines spouses

Today, a new British Columbia marriage law goes into effect, continuing the trend of the legal system muddying the concept of marriage. The Canada National Post reports:
Across B.C. on Monday morning, thousands of “roommates with benefits” and shacked-up lovers will awake to find that, according to the provincial government, they were now basically married.

Under the province’s Family Law Act, which comes into force on March 18, breakups between any couple that has shared the same roof for more than two years — or has had a child together — will now carry many of the trappings of divorce, including a 50/50 division of assets and debts.

“For young couples who live together for a couple of years and then live with somebody else for a couple of years, it’s going to be interesting to see if they’re going to start making claims,” said Georgialee Lang, a Vancouver family lawyer and arbitrator.
By "interesting", he means that lawyers will profit from the legal chaos wrecking lives.

Here are the details. The term "spouse" is defined to include both married people, and those unmarried people living in marriage-like relationships. Terms like "child custody" have been abolished in favor of terms like "parenting time".

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