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Monday, March 25, 2013

Colorado legalizes adultery

The Democrats have taken over Colorado, passed gun control laws, welcomed marijuana tourists, and now legalized adultery:
DENVER (AP) — A proposal to repeal the crime of adultery from Colorado’s books has been signed into law.

The legislation that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Friday removes what Democratic bill sponsors say is an outdated 19-century statute. The bill also would repeal the rarely-used law of contributing to “sexual immorality” by providing a place, such as a hotel room, for unmarried people to have sex.

Bill sponsors say the bill is about keeping government out of people’s bedrooms.

But Republican Sen. Kevin Lundberg, who opposed the bill, argues the law is not archaic and moral standards continue to be important.

Adultery has been illegal in Colorado, but no criminal penalty is specified.

The bill becomes law 90 days after the Colorado Legislature adjourns in May.
So why is same-sex marriage such a hot issue, if not to grant govt approval for bedroom practices?

Marriage law has changed in many ways over the last 40 years. The gay-lesbian issue is just one of those ways. Another is that sexual fidelity is no longer considered part of the legal concept of marriage. Not in Colorado and other Democrat states, anyway.

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