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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Confronting the Dragon -- China

For years, we've been told by the powers that be that China is our good buddy-buddy trade partner, and that as China acquires the profits of successful trade, the country will be wooed away from Communism and become a free-market capitalist country much like our own. We've been watching and waiting, and it hasn't happened. There is no real evidence that China is moving in that direction at all. There are beginning to be many good books that spell out how China is cheating us coming and going on trade, and using the U.S. cash China is raking in to build a military to threaten us. One of these books is called Death by China; Confronting the Dragon; A Global Call to Action. Here are some of the facts explained by the authors, Peter Navarro and Greg Autry.

China regularly uses poor standards and dangerous chemicals in its products to boost their profits: Lead paint on toys, melamine in dog food, counterfeit heparin, drywall that sickens humans. China continues to destroy our economy and manufacturing base by currency manipulation, predatory pricing, product dumping, export subsidies, and forcing U.S. companies to turn over their patents and trade secrets. In addition to the economic threat, there is the massive Chinese military buildup, interference by Chinese computer hackers, using Chinese students and employees n our country to steal our technology secrets, and outright spying on the U.S. government and American businesses.

China poses a tremendous military and economic threat to America, and these authors believe we should all wake up to the danger and take action to avoid what the authors call Death by China. That's the title of the book by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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