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Friday, March 08, 2013

More about Women in Combat

Let's hear from men who have actually fought in close-combat situations. For example, tell us how the women fared in last year's tryouts for the Infantry Officer Course; only two women volunteered, one washed out the first day, the other after one week.

Ryan Smith, a Marine infantry squad leader in our 2003 invasion of Iraq, described the reality of spending 48 hours in scorching Middle Eastern heat, with 25 Marines stuffed in the back of a vehicle designed for 15, dressed in full gear, sitting on each other, without exiting the vehicles for any toilet needs. I'll spare you his description of the unsanitary conditions. They went a month without a shower and finally all stood naked to be sprayed off with pressure washers. What kind of men would put women through that?

Canada dealt with the problem of creating new standards for the gender integration of combat forces by just renaming the process. Canada didn't create "lower" or even "equal" standards, they just adopted what they called "appropriate" standards. Will the U .S. play word games like that?

Now here's another question to ask the new Secretary of Defense. Will promotions of male field commanders depend on their attainment of "diversity metrics" that can be achieved only by creating a "critical mass" of women in infantry battalions?

A May 15 deadline was set for each service branch to provide "detailed plans for implementation" on how women will be given combat duties. The decision to assign women to military combat raises the problem of making women subject to the military draft. Another push has begun by the feminists to make 18-year-old women sign up for Selective Service in order to promote "equality" in the military. I don't think parents are going to say: it's too dangerous for my son to play football, but it's OK to send my daughter to fight in Afghanistan.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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