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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Women in Combat? No!

Let's hear some more questions that Congressmen ought to be asking our Defense Department high command before they go ahead with their obnoxious order to send American women into military combat. In order to make the weight-lifting requirement for combat assignments gender neutral, how many pounds will be taken off the test? The gender differences in weight-lifting ability and upper-body strength are well documented. Will men be expected to conceal female physical deficiencies in order to make the new policy "work"? Will men's careers be harmed if they report the truth about women's inability to do the "heavy lifting"?

Military women are already complaining about increased sexual assaults, and of course those problems will skyrocket. Only men will be deemed at fault because it is feminist ideology that men are innately batterers and women are victims. The military is already plagued with reports of large sex scandals in our current coed army. Do you recognize that the demand to send women into combat comes only from female officers who want higher rank and pay. This change is not wanted by the enlisted women who will bear the burden of the really tough and dangerous work. Where are your surveys of enlisted women's opinions? Will assignment to combat jobs be voluntary for women but not voluntary for men? Will the military ask women "do you want to go to combat?" but just assign men wherever bloody, fatal fighting is needed?

How do you answer the fact that women do not have an equal opportunity to survive in combat situations, and did you consider the fact that women in the military get injured at least twice the rate of men? Please explain why the National Football League does not seek diversity or gender equality with female players. Congressmen should ask these questions before they go ahead with putting women in military combat.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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