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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Women in Combat Will Degrade Readiness

The Center for Military Readiness has published a paper listing seven major reasons why the Obama Administration is not telling us the truth about the consequences of the Defense Secretary's announcement that military women will now be ordered into direct ground combat.

(1) If they find that a particular standard is so high that women can't make it, the military will just lower the standard because the stated goal of the new policy is to make "diversity" a "strategic imperative" and "set women up for success." (2) The Pentagon promises to introduce a "critical mass" of women into all-male units, which means 10-to-15%. To achieve that, standards will have to be lowered. (3) The military says that the purpose of this new order is to achieve gender-based "diversity metrics." That's just bureaucratic code language for gender quotas. To pretend that the new order is working, the military will have to assign unwilling enlisted women to combat units. (4) The "new diversity" concept is not about individual merit or rights; it's about group rights. The Pentagon will appoint a new Diversity Czar to establish a feminist power base in the Pentagon to assure that military women are promoted to 3- and 4-star ranks. (5) Direct ground combat is not "fair" or "equal." It is not even civilized. (6) The Pentagon is playing with words to put this radical policy over on the American people. They admit that training standards will be called "equal" but will not be the "same." All Pentagon explanations about this new policy are loaded with typical feminist language. (7) The new policy will certainly increase resentment and harassment problems because it sets up our men to compete with each other to please the feminists, the media and diversity fanatics.

Congress should overrule this foolish feminist policy.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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