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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zero Tolerance for Picture of Gun

Public schools today have a policy called Zero Tolerance about guns, and it seems to have become more heated after the mass killings that took place in schools in recent months. Today I'm going to give you two extreme examples of how this plays out in actual situations, and you can make up your own mind about what you think the school should do.

The first example is about a high school boy in Florence, Arizona who saved a picture of an AK-47 on his laptop computer. A teacher noticed it, turned him in to the teacher's superior, and the school suspended the boy for three days. The student said he did not consider the picture a threat to anyone, it did not show anything violent or anybody getting shot, the gun was not pointed at anybody, it was just a picture he found on the internet.

Here's another school event about the policy of zero tolerance. A six-year old girl in Sumter, South Carolina was expelled from kindergarten for bringing a clear plastic gun to class. When the kid arrived at the Alice Drive Elementary School, she took the plastic gun to the teacher for show and tell, and told the teacher what she had. The gun was designed to shoot plastic pellets but was not operational. The teacher notified administrators, who then sent the child home. The superintendent then expelled her from kindergarten. After this story received statewide publicity, the child was allowed to return to school.

Of course, school officials are over-anxious after the terrible killings of children that have been so widely featured on TV news, but what do you think about these examples of zero tolerance? Did the students' actions justify being expelled from school?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

I'm 66 years old and cannot believe I've lived to see a time in this country where children are suspended and/or disciplined for this type of stuff. I also cannot believe that I've lived to see such violence & immorality in the entertainment & recreational areas (video games etc.) that these poor children are subjected too. No one holds the adults that subject these children to violence through entertainment accountable. The parents that allow them to view this stuff & the producers that produce it should be horse whipped. Sorry but that's what would have happened in my day and no one would have blinked an eye at it. We as a nation have these poor children totally confused now. They see guns that are toys and are only play acting then we introduce them to horribly violent video games and movies and then put all these restrictions on them. It's like chaos. I can't even make sense of it much less a child making sense of it. They are getting conflicting messages. BTW - really enjoyed your speech at CPAC and how we should proceed forward as conservative.

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