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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Common Core: A Trojan Horse

An untried experimental fad is being rolled out at all grade levels in nearly all public schools across America, except in Alaska, Texas, Nebraska and Virginia. Control of the teaching of English and of mathematics has been wrested away from state and local school boards and replaced by federal control. Federal testing is scheduled to begin in 2014. A new book by Orlean Koehle called Common Core examines the events leading to this unprecedented action undertaken by President Obama and the Department of Education. Although the Common Core sounds as if it was developed by states, Common Core is a national program, written by a national team. There was no state or national debate, and no congressional or state legislative approval was given before implementation of Common Core. 46 state governors apparently thought they were getting a free lunch when they volunteered their states as participants. These governors were enticed with the promise of federal funds for their states. Now states are finding that Common Core actually forces them to share in a $16 billion federal fund split among the states that participate. The California Department of Education estimates that Common Core will cost that state $800 million just for new curriculum, plus an additional $785 million for teacher training. The Common Core tried to erase inequality between suburban and city schools by a massive redistribution of suburban school funds to the cities. Standards are also dumbed down to pretend to show equity in performance. Author Orlean believes that these Common Core standards violate the U.S. Constitution and the law in several ways. The collection of personally identifiable information about students is an invasion of privacy. Mrs. Koehle also exposes credible links between Common Core and the United National agenda 21 sustainability movement, which is aimed at controlling private property rights. Author Koehle urges parents and other citizens to contact their state school board and state legislators, urging them to reverse the march toward nationalized schooling.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, just before you wrote this, Alaska Adopted the Common Core. Gov. Parnell's Commissioner is denying it, and claiming the new standards are "College and Career Ready." They signed on to Smarter Balanced Assessments and adopted Standards that are word for word from the US DOE web site for "College and Career Ready." They have teacher in-service workshops funded from Community and Econ Development rather that Dept. of Ed. The budget says STEM, but you go to the website and it is on transitioning to Common Core.

The Commissioner has already asked for more money from our cash strapped state for teacher in-service training. He is presenting today to DEED a proposal to buy the curriculum from SBAC, but again, they say they haven't adopted the common core.

Gosh, they are using the assessments, teacher in-service, and ordering the curriculum. At what point do you think they will quit denying that they adopted Common Core?

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