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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disease: Reason to Close Our Border

In all the national discussion about immigration and the need to close our borders to the entry of illegal aliens, there's one aspect that is seldom mentioned: disease. There are all kinds of diseases in Third World countries that we don't have in the United States, and we don't want illegal aliens to bring them in. The Wall Street Journal just printed a shocking example of the sort of thing that we do not want to have happen.

A man from Nepal -- that's a country in Asia -- crossed our southern border illegally. He is infected with one of the most severe types of tuberculosis known today; it is resistant to most of our drugs in the U.S. Our officials have him in detention while figuring out what to do with him. Tuberculosis, an ancient, fatal airborne disease, has been treatable in the U.S. for many years with an assortment of drugs. However, tuberculosis in other countries, for all sorts of reasons, has become drug resistant and untreatable. This infected man from Nepal got to our southern border after traveling for three months through 13 countries, from his homeland in Nepal through South Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and finally into Texas. No doubt he was spreading his TB disease all along the way.

The Nepal man is now in an Immigration and Customs detention facility in Texas in so-called medical isolation. We don't know how many Americans, including Border Patrol agents and medical personnel, may have been infected by him before his fatal disease was discovered.

We all need to ask the question, where is the fence on our southern border that Congress voted for? I remember well seeing President George W. Bush signing the fence law after staging a photo op on TV so we would all know the law requires a fence. We all should ask, Where is the fence?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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