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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elite liberals pretend to be obsessively non-judgmental

Charles Murray’s writes in reply to a statistics professor:
When a society’s elite is confident that its own values are the ones that all of society ought to adopt, those values get communicated. They’re in the air—in the way journalists cover stories, editors write editorials, television networks choose the new season’s series, and screenwriters create plots. They are reflected in the way that members of the elite talk with their children, with their professional colleagues, and whenever those topics relating to their values come up in a public setting. In all of those settings, today’s new upper class tends to be obsessively nonjudgmental.

If you doubt it, try bringing up the issue of single women having babies at your next dinner party, and see how many of your companions are willing to say, even in a private gathering of friends, that it is morally wrong for a woman to bring a baby into the world knowing that it will not have a father, and morally wrong for a man to impregnate a woman knowing he will not be a father to the child. Fifty years ago, no one at the same kind of dinner party would have said that it was not morally wrong.

It is statistically highly likely that all of the biological children of the people at a dinner table of today’s upper-class adults have been born within wedlock. If there are childless never-married women at the table, it is likely that they have deliberately foregone having a baby, even though they might want one, because they have decided it is unfair to the child not to have a father. Put another way, it is likely that all of the people at the table have made moral evaluations and behaved accordingly. “Preach what you practice” simply means to stop being nonjudgmental in public about moral principles that you hold in private.
A reader Phil replies:
I spend almost all of my time among upper-middle-class liberals in the San Francisco Bay Area, who obviously have very different attitudes than others in the country. Maybe people elsewhere are “obsessively non-judgmental,” but not here. “Obsessively judgmental” would be more like it. People here make moral judgments about the car you drive, the bike you ride, the food you eat, the way you talk to your kids, the words you use, the stores you patronize…the line between us and a parody of us is razor-thin. Nonjudgmental we ain’t.
Yes, the term “obsessively non-judgmental” in misleading. These elite liberals are extremely judgmental, but at the same time they deny that they have any moral disapproval for the destructive behavior of single moms and others.

Steve Sailer adds:
Murray’s point is that the upper middle class Talks Sixties / Lives Fifties. As a privileged group, they ought to have a duty to the rest of society to be better role models, to not just Walk the Walk but also to Talk the Talk.
The UK Mail reports on the Boston bomber's American wife:
Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev displayed a disturbing pattern of verbal abuse and violence toward women that included fits of rage against his wife and an arrest in 2009 for slapping a previous girlfriend, according to police records and accounts from those who knew him.

Close friends of his wife Katherine Russell, 24, claimed today that Tsarnaev, 26, was combative, angry and controlling. ...

Eleven months later, Tsarnaev was apparently no longer dating Aschencao. He had persuaded Russell to convert from Christianity to Islam and the couple married on June 21, 2010.

Around the same time, Russell became pregnant with Tsarnaev's baby. She dropped out of school in her senior year and reportedly began pulling away from her friends and family.
I wonder if any of her friends or family explained to her the hazards of marrying a Moslem foreigner.

Update: There is a long list of comments from elite liberals who furiously disagree with Murray, but they cannot put a finger on just what Murray said that was wrong. By misunderstanding Murray, they prove him right.

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