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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Intolerance About Zero Tolerance

It's easy to understand why public school officials are paranoid about the subject of guns since those terrible shootings took place. But it does seem that their Zero Tolerance policy has gone overboard. Almost every week we hear about a public school incident in which teachers are invoking the Zero Tolerance rule against guns that are not really guns at all.

A five-year-old kid in Pennsylvania and a six-year-old in Maryland were both suspended from public schools in separate zero-tolerance so-called gun incidents. The little girl in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, while waiting for a school bus, told a playmate she would shoot her with a pink play gun that makes bubbles. It's called a Hello Kitty bubble gun. The Associated Press reported that the school district labeled her a "terrorist threat."

The little boy in Silver Springs, Maryland, pointed his finger like a gun and said "pow." School officials suspended the kid after claiming that the boy "threatened to shoot" another student.

A fifth grade girl in a Philadelphia elementary school made the mistake of showing a gun made out of paper in class. A school official then intensely scolded the little girl in front of the whole class.

A Maryland kid who suffers from ADHD was eating his breakfast pastry when he decided to shape it into a mountain. He got the pastry into a rectangle, but as he kept playing with the pastry and eating some of it, somebody claimed it looked "kinda like a gun." The school called the dad and told him his son was suspended for two days because the child "used food to make an inappropriate gesture." The dad thought the punishment was "insanity."

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