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Sunday, April 28, 2013

No worker shortage

Matthew Yglesias writes in Slate:

One of my more heterodox political views is that advocacy groups do themselves a disservice by adopting BS rhetoric that simply sounds good, because they leave themselves excessively vulnerable to attack. A great illustration comes today from an Economic Policy Institute study from Hal Salzman, Daniel Kuehn, and Lindsay Lowell that shows pretty persuasively that there's no real "shortage" of STEM workers in the American economy. They look at this through a variety of lenses, but the key one is simply that you're not seeing big wage gains for STEM workers of the sort that a shortage would cause. And since a lot of the rhetoric around H1-B visas for highly skilled guestworkers has focused on an alleged shortage, this kind of research constitutes a big blow to that whole frame.

We are constantly being told that we need expanded immigration program to address worker shortages in technical fields. There are no such shortages.

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