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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Stupidity of Amnesty Advocates

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The Ronald Reagan amnesty of 1986 was a conspicuous failure. A virtually identical plan failed in 2007 when it was pushed by John McCain, Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush. The Reagan amnesty admitted twice as many illegals as expected and was riddled with fraud and cheating. It started a gigantic stream of illegal aliens to walk, swim, or bribe their way across the border into the U.S. that has continued to this day. Now the establishment has lined up a media chorus to resurrect the same sort of amnesty. That makes no sense. The amnesty pushers are counting on Americans not to remember the Reagan failure, and counting on the American people’s ignorance of arithmetic and politics. They are also hoping to make Republicans believe amnesty is the key to getting the Hispanic vote plus the key to conning religious citizens into believing amnesty is the way to practice Christian compassion.

There is one big difference today; this time we know the cost, and that’s truly scary. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimates that this amnesty plan will cost the U.S. taxpayers “$2.5 Trillion" in” because the majority of illegal aliens who would eventually be legalized by the proposal are uneducated and poor. At least 60 percent are high school dropouts so they live below the poverty level and will be eligible to receive many of our 79 varieties of welfare handouts.

The entire plan should be illegal because it violates an explicit federal law that anyone granted entry into the U.S. must be financially self-supporting and not likely to become a public charge. What good are promises of future enforcement when the Administration covertly undermines laws now in place?”

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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