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Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Need God to Find Votes for Marriage

Yesterday, I told you about the culture-changing decision that will be handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in June. The Court has two cases before it, and the result will be the court-ordered definition of marriage. Will it be a man and a woman? Or will it be any two people who decide they want to live together? The future of our country and our culture depends on this decision. And there is nothing you and I can do to influence the result except pray that God speaks to the Justices, and they hear Him.

Let me tell you a little history. You know I fought the Equal Rights Amendment for ten years against incredible odds. The most decisive vote in those ten years was in the Illinois State Legislature in 1980. The ERAers had announced that ERA would pass that day and that would end the fight. All the media, all the TV networks, were in the balcony of the Legislature expecting to film their victory. We had done all our lobbying, but we knew we were still short of votes. Illinois votes electronically, and it was very tense as the votes lit upon the board. That day, God brought us two votes from Chicago Democrats who had never voted with us before, and we won. ABC immediately put the feminist leader, Eleanor Smeal, in front of the TV camera and said, "You told us you had the votes. Why didn't you win?" She replied, "There was something very powerful against us, and I don't mean people." That's right. We had something, SomeOne, very powerful on our side who delivered the two votes we needed.

That's what we are asking God to do for us now. Find and deliver the votes we need to preserve your definition of marriage. We need His help. And we need you to ask Him for help. And we need you to go to your pastor and ask all his congregation to pray that the Court upholds Marriage.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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