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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Facebook wants more immigration

I posted below about how Facebook is now lobbying for cheap imported labor. Zuckerberg claimed that his interest was in helping Mexican-American kids, but he does not hire them. Now the Wash. Post has revealed that his company has become dependent on imported labor, and that his real lobbying goal is to evade regulations requiring him to document the wages paid to those foreigners working in Silicon Valley:
Facebook faces stricter regulations because the company recently surpassed a key legal threshold and is now considered to be “dependent” on H1B visas. The U.S. government classifies companies as dependent when more than 15 percent of their workers hold H1Bs. Facebook said it is “just over” the 15 percent line. ...

Working with lobbyists for Compete America, a trade group representing U.S. tech firms, Facebook helped secure a workaround: Any worker in the process of obtaining a green card “shall not be counted” toward the 15 percent threshold.

That means Facebook and other companies could file just enough applications to fall back below the 15 percent line. The language, pulled from a draft copy of the legislation, was reviewed by The Washington Post.
The Facebook jobs are for maintaining their web site, and could be done by American computer science college graduates. There are many Americans available to do those jobs, and not much competitive pressure to hold labor costs down. The reason for hire foreigners is to cut labor costs, and to increase the value of Zuckerberg's stock. Some college students are dropping out of computer science because they see the jobs going to foreigners.

Amnesty Carve Out for Facebook But No Mercy for Jobless Americans!

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