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Monday, April 29, 2013

Women's Studies Not Worth the Cost

The Governor of North Carolina, Patrick McCrory, is an honest man. He said something very important on a national radio program a few weeks ago. He said he would push legislation to base funding for the state's universities on whether college students get jobs after graduation rather than on enrollment. One of the shocking facts of our time is the enormous debt for college loams that students have piled up and cannot get a job that justifies such indebtedness. The Governor mentioned some of the courses that the debt has paid for but do noting to help a graduate get a job. For example, he said, if you want to take gender studies that's fine, go to a private school and take it. But I don't think the taxpayers should subsidize that if that's not going to get you a job. Well, the feminists just went nuts about that statement and started attacking him all over the internet.

But the Governor was just bringing to light the uncomfortable truth that many college courses have no practical application. He was not trying to turn universities into vocational schools. He just wanted to highlight the fact that taxpayers and many students pile up enormous debt taking courses that are not worth their time or money.

Women's Studies is a case in point. Here are some of the courses given by well-paid feminist faculty to teach in North Carolina universities. I'm not making this up; these courses are listed in the college catalogue: Introduction to Sexuality Studies. Gender and Global Change. Comparative Queer Politics. The Social Construction of Women's Bodies. Assumed Identities. Race, Sex, and Place in America. Plantation Lullabys. Leadership and Violence Prevention. Spitting into the Wind: American Women, Art and Activism. Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Culture and Literature. Feminism and Political Theory. Women's Spirituality Across Cultures.

There are lots more of these Women's Studies Courses, but I'm out of time. Do you want your taxpayers' money to pay high-salaried feminist faculty to waste young people time and money with such courses?

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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