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Friday, April 26, 2013

Yes, We Need a Fence on Our Southern Border

In the years when immigrants were entering through Ellis Island, prospective immigrants were medically screened and sent back to their home country if there was evidence of Tuberculosis or other serious disease. Now, we have people with many diseases, particularly drug-resistant tuberculosis, coming across our southern border. Instead of screening undesirable people at the border, we are asked to pay for our health workers to treat them. In the face of all this costly disease invading us, not only from but through Mexico and across our southern border, a couple of busybodies have been given space in the Wall Street Journal to broach a plan to dig up an unused clause of NAFTA to allow Mexicans without limit to work legally anywhere in the U.S. The purpose is to make the U.S. border open to all the Mexicans who want to come. That’s a terrible idea on many counts. Opening our southern border for any or all Mexicans to work in the U.S. would not only mean an open door to disease, but also be a plan to make sure that jobs go to foreigners instead of to the Americans and legal immigrants who are now swelling our unemployment rolls. This off-the-wall proposal is a direct attack on American sovereignty. Americans should cry “shame” to all those who say “the market” (rather than U.S. citizens) should decide who enters the United States. The decision as to who enters our country is part of the indica of sovereignty, and if we give it away we would no longer be a sovereign republic.

Our government should obey the law, and that includes the law that requires building a fence on our southern border. The government spent nearly $2 billion experimenting with a stupid “virtual” fence, which didn’t work and has been abandoned. A real fence was never built. We expect a fence like the one that works so well in San Diego: a double fence that is 12 feet high.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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