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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Another Wake-Up Call from North Korea

Thirty years ago, on March 23, 1983, Ronald Reagan made a television address calling on the United States to build an anti-missile defense to defend American lives from the threat of nuclear missiles. Our enemy then was the fearsome Soviet missile force. Reagan's steadfast determination to build a U.S. anti-missile defense was why he won the Cold War without firing a shot (as Margaret Thatcher famously said). The propaganda against U.S. anti-missile defense started immediately after Reagan's 1983 speech with Ted Kennedy ridiculing it as Star Wars, and the anti-missile propaganda continues to this day. Now we face other enemies, especially North Korea and Iran. But the Left is still dug in behind its opposition to saving American lives by an anti-missile system.

Barack Obama became President spouting the typical leftwing anti-defense policy and dreaming of the fantasy of a nuclear-free world. He seems to think diplomatic talks and his personal charm can replace peace through strength, but it can't. He started unilaterally reducing our nuclear deterrent in the hope our enemies would follow suit, which, of course, they didn't. Obama even used his State of the Union speech this year to breathe new life into his effort to reduce nuclear weapons around the world. He said he wants to cut our nuclear forces by about a third, but Communist North Korea is not responsive to these overtures.

North Korea's new boss, Kim Jong Un, is the 30-year-old grandson of the Communist tyrant who started the Korean War in 1950. Kim has now put our 28,000 U.S. troops at risk by declaring that the 1953 Armistice suspending the Korean War is null and void, so North and South Korea are in a "state of war." Now we need an anti-missile defense system more than ever.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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