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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Assessing Homeschooling in America

Powerful forces are currently trying to take America into nationalized, federally controlled education under the name Common Core Standards. At the same time, the Homeschool movement is growing by leaps and bounds. A new book by a professor at Vanderbilt University School of education gives us an in-depth analysis of what is going on. The title is Homeschooling in America. The author Joseph Murphy, shows that homeschooling is both a social and an educational movement that correlates to fundamental changes in our society and the movement away from trusting the government to run society. We've had a "nearly unbroken growth of government over the last three-quarters of the 20th century, and that has contributed to the "widespread perception that the government is over involved in the life of our citizens. The author points to stories of incompetence, scandal and inefficiency, as well as the growing cost of government, as reasons why so many citizens are discontented. Homeschooled students do as well or better than public school students on tests, and colleges report they do as well or better than other students. Homeschooled students do not suffer from isolation or social skill deficits. In fact, they are building strong families, avoiding social problems and learning good moral values.

Traditional public schools are broken and often pose risks of spiritual, social, emotional, and even physical danger. Homeschooling is one option out, and there are many groups to help you if you make that decision. If you've been thinking about homeschooling, this book called Homeschooling in America by Dean Joseph Murphy of the Vanderbilt University School of Education, will encourage you.

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