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Friday, May 03, 2013

Autopsy for the Republican Party

The national chairman of the Republican Party recently issued a 97-page document called an Autopsy. Since the dictionary defines autopsy as the dissection of a body after death, commentators are having a field day hoping that the Republican Party is really dead, but the grassroots are raring to rise up and fight. Yes, support for the Republican Party has declined, but the number of people who call themselves conservative is holding steady. We face the same old choice-not-an-echo battle: grassroots conservative Republicans vs. the liberal, globalist Establishment crowd. The Autopsy manifesto was written by Republican Party insiders who are very Establishment. That means, associates of one of the two Presidents Bush. No local Party conservatives or Tea Party types were included in writing the Autopsy. The document included a lot of chatter about "growth" and "opportunity," plus 30 mentions of the need to be more "inclusive," but that warm and fuzzy invitational language didn't extend to those who want to do something so daring as to nominate conservative candidates who aren't afraid to talk about the right to life and traditional marriage.

The Autopsy stated solemnly that a "healthy debate of ideas is fundamentally good for the Republican Party." We agree. But the Establishment is always determined to suppress all discussion of social, moral, or national security policies by Republican candidates. The Autopsy fails to encourage a commitment to traditional Republican principles, such as marriage and military superiority, which are all clearly enunciated in the national Republican Platform adopted in Tampa last year. Some have forgotten that Ronald Reagan advised us to run on a platform of "bold colors with no pastel shades."

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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