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Monday, May 13, 2013

Feminists Still At War With Mother Nature

The media have given a lot of attention in the past few weeks to a new book called Lean In by Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. Of course she is a feminist, and she makes the typical feminist complaint that not enough women are CEOs and in other important business and political positions. However, there is a lot in her book that shows what's wrong with feminism. Sandberg is troubled by what she views as women's lack of professional ambition. She think women "sabotage" themselves by not pursuing career opportunities as aggressively as men.

However, Sandberg's feminist arguments and conclusions are at odds with what most women really want out of life. A lot of smart women have different priorities and so they make trade-offs to order their lives around marriage and children. Sandberg is disappointed when she sees women making career decisions to fit with having a family. But smart young women know they will probably want to work fewer hours in order to be at home with their own babies. It's smart to plan ahead and not do as feminists and women's studies courses advise, which is to plot a career without any space for husband and children. Too many women come to their senses only after age 40 and find it's too late to have a husband or children. Feminism is at war with Mother Nature, and Mother Nature is still winning.

A contrary point of view was powerfully stated by a Princeton University graduate, Susan Patton, who wrote a letter published in the Princeton student paper. It has kicked up a furious feminist response. She pointed out the fact that women want to marry men who are at least as smart and will earn more money. That's called hypergamy, and it's a fact of human nature. Susan Patton's letter advised young women to grab a husband while they are in college and have a choice of smart men, because every year after graduation the pool of available men to marry gets smaller.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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